Typing In Hindi And English

There are two main ways to type in Hindi and English on your computer:

1. Phonetic Typing (Transliteration):

This method involves typing Hindi words using English letters that sound similar to the Hindi pronunciation. For example, “Namaste” would be typed as “Namaaste”. Most operating systems and online tools offer built-in support for Hindi phonetic typing.

Here’s how to enable phonetic typing for Hindi:

  • Windows: Go to “Control Panel” > “Clock, Language, and Region” > “Change keyboards or other input methods.” Click “Add a language” and choose “Hindi.” You can then switch between English and Hindi using the language bar on your taskbar.
  • Mac: Go to “System Preferences” > “Keyboard” > “Input Sources.” Click the “+” button and select “Add Input Source” Choose “Devanagari” for Hindi. You can then switch between languages using the keyboard shortcut (usually Command + Space).

Many websites also offer online Hindi typing tools that convert your phonetically typed Hindi words into the Devanagari script.

2. Hindi Keyboard Layout (Devanagari Script):

This method involves using a keyboard layout specifically designed for typing in Hindi. The keys are arranged to correspond with the Devanagari characters. Learning this layout takes practice but allows for faster and more accurate typing in Hindi.

Here’s how to install a Hindi keyboard layout:

  • Windows: Follow the same steps as for phonetic typing, but choose “Hindi (Devanagari)” instead of just “Hindi.”
  • Mac: Follow the same steps as for phonetic typing, but choose “Hindi – QWERTY” or “Hindi – INSCRIPT” for the Devanagari script layouts.

We will teach you both.

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